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This web site offer a list of your favorite pro-riders and their skateboard shoes!

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More then 2000 styles with different colors are represented in this great Skateboarding Shoes Collection at Zappos.

  • Adidas Mark Gonzalez Gonz Slip-On
  • Adidas Lance Mountain LM 4.5
  • Adidas Ryan Nyquist CC Nyquist
  • Adio Kenny Anderson Kenny V.1
  • Adio Skate Alex Chalmers Chalmers V.1
  • Adio Skate Tony Hawk Hawk V.1
  • Adio Bam Margera Bam V.2
  • Adio Danny Montoya Montoya V.4
  • Adio Jeremy Wray Wray V.4
  • Circa Mark Appleyard MA207
  • Circa Adrian Lopez AL202
  • Circa Adrian Lopez AL50
  • DC Rob Dyrdek Atlas
  • DC Andy Howell Howell
  • DC Josh Kalis Cause
  • DC Colin McKay Griffin
  • DC Anthony Van Engelen Avenger
  • DC Anthony Van Engelen Avenger DX
  • DC Stevie Williams Azure
  • Duffs Jason Adams The Kid
  • Duffs Matt Hensley Gambler
  • Duffs Matt Hensley Gambler 3D
  • Duffs Matt Hensley Gambler Women's
  • DVS Steve Berra Berra 3
  • DVS Steve Berra Berra 3 Women's
  • DVS Steve Berra Berra 4
  • DVS Jason Dill Dill 2
  • DVS Kerry Getz Getz
  • DVS Kerry Getz Getz 2
  • Etnies Skate Sal Barbier Sal 23
  • Etnies Skate Sal Barbier Sal 23.5
  • Etnies Skate Mike Escamilla Rooftop 3
  • Etnies Skate Rune Glifberg The Tip
  • Etnies Skate Arto Saari Arto
  • Etnies Skate Shoes Mike Vallely Vallely
  • Globe Chet Thomas CT-IV
  • Ipath Nate Jones Jones
  • Ipath Kenny Reed Reed
  • Lakai Rick Howard Howard 4
  • Osiris Louie Barletta Barletta
  • Osiris Ali Boulala Ali
  • Osiris Diego Bucchieri Butcher
  • Osiris Jerry Hsu HSU 2
  • Osiris Brandon Turner Turner
  • Vans Steve Caballero Half Cab
  • Vans Half Cab Limited Edition
  • Vans Bucky Lasek Bucky Lasek
  • Vans Geoff Rowley Rowley XL2
  • Vans Tony Trujillo TNT
  • Vision Street Wear Duane Peters High Top
  • Vision Street Wear Duane Peters Low Top

Etnies Callicut
"My son loves his Etnies. In fact I just ordered him another pair. These are all he will wear now. The fit was great. True to size. These are all the rave with the 10-14 year old boys who like skateboarding. He has the white with red letter and now I have ordered the black."
"Etnies Callicut/ Best shoe ever - This is one of the best shoe I have ever purchased."
"Nice This shoe is soooo comfortable you want to sleep in it. When I got mine I was always checking them out--they have real good grip. The tongue is about 3 cm thick and the elastic makes the shoe snug. You’ll want to wear them all the time and you can wear them real lose or real tight and they don’t look stupid. These are the best shoes. Go Etnies and go Callicut".
"Nice shoe! These are my first skateboard shoes. Feels comfortable and light and looks good, I really like it! I got a navy one.(its color looks almost black)"

Heelys Titan
"The BEST online purchase I've ever made! My son is extremely happy with the Heelys Titan! It's a very well made shoe and comes with heel protectors, as well as a handy tool to take the wheels out when needed. This is a real plus, because these are the only skater shoes he'll wear now! This is his second pair of Heelys; the first pair he had did not come with the heel protectors or the tool and the edges of that pair became so worn down that the wheels wouldn't stay in any longer."
Simple - O.S. Sneaker 2050
"Simple. The best way to go. Ah, yes. Simple shoes. The name speaks for its self. I want to write this to reach out to people in need. People in need of a shoe that is comfortable throughout their entire relationship with their shoe.Im sure you are on this website looking for a pair of shoes that are true to size, and a decently marked price. A walker's foot hits heel first and then rolls gradually from heel-to-toe. These shoes are not only attractive, but have comfortable, stable support for all feet. I first got my Simple (men's) OLD SCHOOL shoe when I was just a few years younger. I can even tell you that this shoe seems as though it stays particularly clean in comparison to other simple shoes. I have had them for about a year now, and they are still white on the outside rim, which a soft, cloud- like feeling on the outside. The laces are white, and flat. The laces are flat so they do not come untied, and for maximum security. So, please trust me on this one. Do not believe other brands that claim for security, comfort, and style. You can believe these reviews. I would not be taking my time to write this if I did not believe anyone with style will be truly satisfied. This shoe will fit me and many others for many years, because the shoe is made so accurately. I truly just want to motivate people to keep buying these skatebord shoes, so they will not go out of stock. Believe me when I say that you will be greatly satisfied, and I could not ask for more. Please help me and the "simple shoes community"."
DC Court Skateboarding Shoes
DC Court
"Mike's DC's - Everything about this shoe were just fine. They fit well and look good! This is not the first pair of DC's he got and I can guarantee you it won't be the last!."
"DC Shoes Court - They look great on my son and he loves them. Thank you..."
"Good lookin shoes - I like these shoes alot but they look a little narrow once u recieve them. Very comfortable and overall good shoes just not wide like most skate shoes."
Vans Old Skool
"Vans Old Skool - Wow. Many people say that Chucky-Ts are the way to go but if you know anything about dancing, or moving and have wider feet, Chucks are no good. In my opinion, Vans Old Skool are better and far cooler looking. People give me compliments everyday. I think you should buy them because once you wear them, you will feel like a better person. Who needs religion when you have shoes as cool as these? I prefer Vans to non-Vans. Choose well."
Vans Skateboard Shoes

Vans SK8-Hi
"Classic Skateboarding Shoes! Along with the classic Converse Chuck Taylor high tops, the Vans SK8-Hi are incredible. I'm 31 years old now and I have found that the recent crop of Nike, Reebok, and Adidas just don't speak to me anymore. I'm not interested in the latest moonboot or LeBron James or Allen Iverson "inspired" shoe. I want something that looks relevant, but not reaching. That is where Vans and Converse come in. I used to skate back in the day and this skateboarding shoe brings back some good memories. The style is very similar to that of the "Chuck" but the ankle support is stronger and the shoe is a bit heavier, but not burdensome. The only downside is that the upper portion of the shoe rubs my ankle a bit at times, but that is negligible. The stiching is solid and the shoe just has a good overall feel. Do yourself a favor and pick up some Vans Skate, any style, I don't believe you'll be dissapointed. "

Converse All Star Core HI
"A sneaker for all seasons and all reasons - I've worn Chucks for decades, ever since I was a kid (I'm 53 now). They're the only sneaker I care to wear. In fact, lately they're the only footwear of any type that I wear (ok, I do have a couple of pairs of Jack Purcells). No, I'm not a slacker or an aging surfer - I'm otherwise pretty much a responsible professional person (a physician by training) who often dresses in a suit and attends formal affairs. On those occasions, I just slip on my black monochrome Chucks (I refer to them as my "Chuck formalwear") - which go great with formal attire -and spend the evening in comfort while everyone else is suffering in their stiff wingtips. I just wore my monochromes to a wedding this past weekend. I wear them to funerals too ... they express just the right sense of tasteful dignity that such proceedings require. On less weighty occasions I wear less formal Chucks of different colors, depending on the situation and my mood at the time. Oh, and you can't beat the price either. Why would anyone pay $200 for the latest flash in the pan sneak which will be uncool next season, when for 30 bucks or so you can buy a timeless classic that will never go out of style?"
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Skate Shoes - More then 2000 styles with different colors are represented in this great Skateboarding Shoes Collection.

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